April 14th 2023 Production Update

2023 Mar 14th

Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing Kits

Kits are shipping weekly as they arrive from final processes. We're nearly caught up with the back log and hope that everyone enjoys their kits!

Genesis Coupe Shift Kits

In the next 15-25 days, the remaining kits should be on their way out to customers. Please keep an eye out for tracking information.

Genesis Coupe Skid Plates

ATQ has 60 Skid Plates on their way in, 28 are available at the moment.

Genesis Coupe Tool Kits

Remaining Tool kits on order will be picked up from Case Hardening and on their way to customers

2010-2012 and 2013-2016 ATQ Gasket Matched 3.8 Manifolds

Next group buy is open. Please allow 4-6 weeks for it to end, manufacturing etc

Ford F150 Pads

Pads are shipping daily until we're caught up. Please keep an eye out for tracking information.

ATQ is currently running a 30-45 day shipment blitz, we're pushing out 100% of the backed up and current orders! Just in time for spring! Customers that have had a prolonged delay on some products, will be receiving a perk from ATQ later this year.

This concludes the update.