December 23 2020 Update

December 23 2020 Update

2020 Dec 23rd

Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing Kits

Its an early Christmas here at ATQ, All of the remaining material showed up today to finish manufacturing the bushings. All of the hardware is now here, We are waiting on nothing now! So as such we'll be running the remainder of the production run over the holidays. Once the bushings are completed, we'll be dropping them off to plating. Once plating is done, they will go to urethane and as stated in a previous update. Our urethane shop will be working with us and dropping off finished sets each day until all of the orders received are shipped out. We still have coming stock so any orders received will be filled on this production run. We want to thank everyone for their patience this year, due to Covid19 acquiring everything needed took much longer then it should have and we're thrilled to finally have everything here to complete this production run. As such each and every order will be receiving a memento to commemorate the completion of this production run.

F150 Leaf Spring Isolator Pads

We have stock and these are shipping out generally within 24 hours of receiving the orders.

Genesis Coupe Strut Tower Covers For Coilovers

Once we're finished with the Differential Bushing Kits we're going to run off a limited batch of these and get them out to everyone thats ordered.

Genesis Coupe Revised Skid Plates With Oil Doors

Our timeline for January shipment still looks very good! We will update as this progresses.

Genesis Coupe Taillight Gaskets

These gaskets are in stock and shipping generally within 24 hours of orders received.

Genesis Coupe Short Shifter + Bushing Packages

Our next production run will be in January once the Differential Bushing Kits are completed. Any orders received from now until the production run will be plated Rose Gold as part of our Holiday Production run. Shifter bushings on the other hand are in stock and shipping within 24 hours of receiving the order.

This concludes today's update!

ATQ and affiliates wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! Stay Safe!