Jan 1 2021 Update

Jan 1 2021 Update

2021 Jan 1st

Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing Kits

The bushings are in progress, however its taken much more time then we anticipated to cut up all of the material into blanks for machining. As a result, we're working through this weekend and the bushings will be on the machines as of Monday. One of our partner shops will be helping us out and taking on half of the workload, so that we can get these to plating much sooner. The Differential Bushing Kits will be shipping at some point this month! We once again want to thank everyone for their patience and hope that everyone loves the product! ( 9 kits left available in this production run )

F150 Leaf Spring Isolator Pads

We have stock and these are shipping out generally within 24 hours of receiving the orders.

Genesis Coupe Strut Tower Covers For Coilovers

Once we're finished with the Differential Bushing Kits we're going to run off a limited batch of these and get them out to everyone that's ordered.

Genesis Coupe Revised Skid Plates With Oil Doors

Our timeline for January shipment still looks very good! We will update as this progresses.

Genesis Coupe Taillight Gaskets

These gaskets are in stock and shipping generally within 24 hours of orders received.

Genesis Coupe Short Shifter + Bushing Packages

Our next production run will begin later this month once the Differential Bushing Kits are completed. Any orders received from now until the production run will be plated Rose Gold as part of our Holiday Production run. Shifter bushings on the other hand are in stock and shipping within 24 hours of receiving the order.

This concludes today's update!

ATQ and affiliates wishes everyone a safe and Happy New Year!