June 09 2022 Production Update

2022 Jun 10th

Short Shifter & Bushings Kits

Short shifters are now at plating, it will be a few weeks until we get them back and once back they will ship to everyone, we have plenty of stock on top of the existing orders. These went out to our primary plating company to insure a quality finish, longer eta but better finish.

Differential Bushing Packages

We're almost caught up with these....the new plating shop royally messed up our outer sleeve plating which was giving urethane a hard time so the parts were sent back to be redone and we're waiting to receive back the blanks....This has caused a significant delay due to plater incompetence. However, another large batch is going off to our main shop and we'll be sticking with them regardless of the etas. Trying someone new who could do it faster only made this product take longer. These are still shipping weekly as we get finished sleeves in and have urethane complete the final process. Everything else is ready to go.

Skid Plates

We've changed suppliers due to an overwhelming delay on this product and we should have all of the skid plates shipped out over the next few weeks. ( No change ) Hoping to have our plates this month.

Misc Parts

MISC parts are shipping as they are completed. Fairly caught up here.

F150 Isolator Pads

Currently out of stock, we have plenty of stock of our scratch and dent pads. These pads are no different than the regular product, but they have a cosmetic imperfection from manufacturing and as such we put them in scratch and dent. We're very picky with finishes at ATQ, Even though it will never be seen and doesn't have any performance losses, finishes do  matter here. Scratch and dent pads ship right away.

Genesis Coupe Tail light gaskets

We're pretty much caught up and orders are shipping once a week again.

Subframe Collar Kits, Genesis Coupe Shifter Bushings

These products are generally in stock and ship within 24-48 hours of receiving the order.


Due to current labor shortages and product shortages caused by the pandemic, things are slower and harder to acquire than prior to the pandemic. So please bare with us as we work our way through your orders. We will update this blog as things progress when updates are available.

This concludes today's update