March 11th 2021 Update

March 11th 2021 Update

2021 Mar 11th

Differential Bushing Packages For The Genesis Coupe/Kia Stinger/G70/Genesis Sedan

We are now receiving kits from our urethane facility and shipping whatever we get each day. The first 6 kits are now on their way to their new homes. Please bare with us as we have an immense amount of these kits to ship out, so we're getting through them as quickly as possible. Tracking numbers have begun going out to everyone and the custom ATQ Birth Certificates are included with each order.

We have 4 kits available in stock and colors can still be chosen and these kits are first come first served. The next batch run will likely begin in the summer time once we have attained the minimum order count.

Genesis Coupe Short Shifters + Bushings

The next production run will be the ATQ Short Shifters. Production commences next week, we've ordered the material and now awaiting arrival. Due to the delays with supplies, and contractors on the diff kits we're behind schedule, however we're now looking at a solid April shipment date. Bushings are in stock however and ship within 24 hours.

ATQ Taillight Gaskets For The Genesis Coupe

We're fully stocked and shipping within 24 hours

F150 Isolator Pads

We're fully stocked and shipping within 24 hours. Once again please use either Prothane Grease or Marine Grease upon initial installation on the face of the pads.

Throttle Body Spacers for 2.0 and BK2 3.8

We're a bit behind but we'll get these done in April, the 2013+ 3.8 Spacers are a new product and will also be made next month and stocked.

Misc Parts

We'll be fitting in custom shift knobs and other misc products as we continue our production runs and will update customers on their custom orders as they are completed.

This concludes this update!