May 17th Product Shipment Update

2022 May 17th

Genesis Coupe 2.0 Boost Blocks

These are shipping out tomorrow to everyone. Anodizing was a few days late.

Genesis Coupe Throttle Body Spacers

These are shipping out tomorrow to everyone, every single order will be filled. We had a long wait with our anodizing shop and we're finally getting these back.

Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing Kits

Tracking numbers are going out tonight and 6 more will be shipping tomorrow, in a few days we'll have 10 more kits ready at which point customers will be notified via e-mail and the orders shipped out.

F150 Isolator Pads

We're out of the Prothane Super Grease Tubes, and as such we've ordered containers last week, which arrived on Friday. We're now providing customers with our own supply of the grease for proper installation and these have begin shipping again.Tracking numbers began going out to customers yesterday and all of the orders will be filled and shipped by Thursday May 19th 2022.

This concludes the shipping update for now.