October 15th 2021 Production Update

2021 Oct 15th

Short Shifter & Bushings Kits

These kits have begun shipping as of October 13th, We're assembling them and working through the orders. Bare with us as we get to them. Tracking numbers will continue to be sent out next week as each order is assembled, packaged and shipped out. The Shifters ended up being Black Plated since the Rose gold did not show up to the platers and we couldn't wait anymore. It was disappointing. But they are here and shipping now!

Differential Bushing Packages

We're still actively manufacturing these and they will be ready to go and shipping here in a few weeks. 

Skid Plates

We're still waiting on our manufacturer to complete the revised plates and get them to us. This is still day to day. We should have them soon.

Misc Parts

Everything else is in active production and should be ready in the next 2 weeks.

F150 Isolator Pads

These are in stock and shipping on a regular basis. We're currently waiting on the container ships in California to unload, so that we can get the tubes of Prothane Super grease that we ordered 4 months ago ( we provide this at no cost whenever we can get a hold of some as a courtesy) The revised version as previously stated should not require any grease. If needed, Vivid Racing sells 3 tubes of the Prothane Super Grease for 5$

Subframe Collar Kits/Taillight Gaskets/Shifter Bushings

These products are generally in stock and ship within 24-48 hours of receiving the order.


Due to current labor shortages and product shortages caused by the pandemic, things are slower and harder to acquire than prior to the pandemic. So please bare with us as we work our way through your orders. We try to fill them as quickly as possible, however some things will take longer due to supply constraints. Also, the production run of the Differential Kits, we have 13 available for purchase at the current pricing structure and we have 50 more Short Shifters at plating that will be ready in a few weeks. These products will keep their current pricing. However, due to extreme increases in Raw Material prices, ( most went up double to 3x their pre pandemic pricing)  once these products are sold to their new respective homes. Prices will have to be increased to cover some of the increased manufacturing costs.

This concludes today's update