October 17th 2020 Update

2020 Oct 17th

F150 Isolator Pads

We're on track to receive inventory on the 29th-30th, Once here, the orders will be packed up, shipped and tracking numbers sent out to our customers! Everything is on track. There is plenty of stock arriving, so all of the orders received will be filled.

Genesis Coupe Short Shifters & Bushings

Tracking numbers will be sent out to everyone this coming week. 6 kits are available for purchase as of today.

Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing Kits

These look good to be finished and shipped by the end of this month. So we're on track now to get these out shortly. 3 Kits are available for purchase at this time.

Genesis Coupe Skid Plates

These are looking good for November shipment.

Genesis Coupe Powder Coated Shift Knobs

We'll have the current round of custom shift knobs coated early this week.

Genesis Coupe Tail Light Gaskets, Subframe Collars, Go Pro Tow Hook Kits

These are all in stock and have same day shipping, excluding holidays and weekends.

There's not much to update this week, other then shipment ETA's

This concludes this weeks update.