October 1st 2021 Production Update

2021 Oct 1st

Genesis Coupe Short Shifters + Bushing Packages

The short shifters are now here and assembly and shipping has begun. Unfortunately they aren't going to be Rose Gold as intended. The shop didn't receive the coloring after 24 weeks, so we had asked them to plate them black. Its a huge bummer, but we couldn't wait another 24 weeks for these to be finished. Tracking numbers will be sent out as we get to each order, so bare with us. Another 52 Short shifters are now at plating and we'll have stock again in a few weeks. All orders up until September 30th will be shipping over the next few days.

Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing Kits

Production is on going and going well. We'll be ready for shipments soon. ( No change from the last update )

Genesis Coupe Revised Skid Plates

The Skid Plates are now day to day and once they arrive, they will begin shipping out to customers. ( No change from the last update, once again due to Covid19 supply constraints we're waiting on our finished product so that we can begin shipping) ( No change, still waiting )

Genesis Coupe Tail Light Gaskets

Out of stock until October 5th, at which point these will begin shipping again.

3.8/2.0 Throttle Body Spacers

These parts are delayed but we're looking to ship September / early October 2021. We're working on these now.

F150 Isolator Pads

The new pads shouldn't require grease so they will ship without. ATQ is consistently improving products. If any of our customers require grease we will provide it.

Differential Bushing Kit Tool Kits

These kits are currently in manufacturing along side of the differential bushing kits and will be ready shortly and shipped out to their respective new homes. ( no change )


Covid19 has made a bunch of things difficult to acquire, so please bare with us as we navigate the current world. Some products will take longer and some wont, but we're actively working on solving supply issues.

This Concludes today's update.