October 9th  2020 Update

October 9th 2020 Update

2020 Oct 9th

F150 Isolator Pads

We're still on schedule for shipment around the 30th of this month. 

Genesis Coupe Short Shifters & Bushing Kits

These are still at coating, we're just waiting to get them so that they can be assembled and shipped out to everyone. Likely we'll be doing a mid week update when they arrive so that everyone knows when they have arrived back to our shop. We're impatiently waiting.

Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing Kits

Its looking like these will begin shipping out to our customers around the 26th or 27th of this month. This was a huge undertaking in a short period of time due to the prolonged wait for the material. But its moving ahead nicely and we're looking forward to getting these kits out to everyone.

ATQ Tow Hook Go Pro Mounts For The Genesis Coupe

We've picked up a limited stock of the tow hook camera mounts and they are on clearance! Color options are Red, Blue, Purple, Black. Colors are limited to what we have in stock on a first come first served basis. The mounts are a fantastic option to make some great cruise video's with your Go Pro. 

ATQ Skid Plates For The Genesis Coupe

We have opened up orders again for this product. The new plates will have oil change doors to make changing engine oil easier. You will no longer have to remove the plates to do it. The plates are specific to 2.0 or 3.8 engines with this revision. Likely these will be shipping out to customers late November as it will take a few weeks for the inventory to arrive to our shop from our manufacturer.

Everything is moving along nicely and we're anticipating a crazy shipment schedule shortly. 

This concludes the weekly update.

We want to wish all of our Canadian customers a safe and healthy thanksgiving this weekend!