November 18th 2021 Production Update

November 18th 2021 Production Update

2021 Nov 18th

Short Shifter & Bushings Kits95% of these kits have now shipped out, 8 kits remain and they will be on their way tomorrow. Those who have ordered on the Black Friday November Sale. Those kits go i … read more

October 15th 2021 Production Update

2021 Oct 15th

Short Shifter & Bushings KitsThese kits have begun shipping as of October 13th, We're assembling them and working through the orders. Bare with us as we get to them. Tracking numbers will continue … read more

October 6th Production Update

2021 Oct 6th

Short Shifters + Bushing KitsWe spent 15 hours reworking the parts after the plating error. They are now being replated. We will have them back this Friday. So shipments will commence next week.Revise … read more

October 4th 2021 Production Update

2021 Oct 4th

Short Shifters + Bushing KitsOur plater has messed up our parts and we're having a hard time assembling them, so they are going back to the platter in the morning and being stripped and redone. Qualit … read more

October 1st 2021 Production Update

2021 Oct 1st

Genesis Coupe Short Shifters + Bushing PackagesThe short shifters are now here and assembly and shipping has begun. Unfortunately they aren't going to be Rose Gold as intended. The shop didn't receive … read more