April 30th 2021 Update

April 30th 2021 Update

2021 Apr 30th

Genesis Coupe Short Shifters + Bushing PackagesThese are currently in production, updates will be coming shortly with respects to progress.Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing KitsThe next production ru … read more

April 2nd 2021 Update

2021 Apr 2nd

Genesis Coupe Short Shifters + Bushing PackagesOur material will be here likely this coming Tuesday and we'll begin manufacturing these kits and should have them shipped out to all of our customers at … read more
March 11th 2021 Update

March 11th 2021 Update

2021 Mar 11th

Differential Bushing Packages For The Genesis Coupe/Kia Stinger/G70/Genesis SedanWe are now receiving kits from our urethane facility and shipping whatever we get each day. The first 6 kits are now on … read more

February 25th 2021 Update

2021 Feb 25th

Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing KitsWe should be receiving the outer sleeves next week from plating and once we have them we should be at urethane that day. So if all goes as planned we'll begin sh … read more

February 15th 2020 Update

2021 Feb 15th

Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing KitsThe outer sleeves for these kits are at plating and we're waiting to receive them back, at which point they will be sent off to urethane with the cores of the bu … read more