September 19th 2023 Update

2023 Sep 19th

2010-2012 and 2013-2016 Gasket Matched 3.8 Genesis Coupe Manifold Spacers.The 3.8 Manifold Spacers are now completed. All that is left is to de-burr the parts and we'll be putting together the kits, p … read more

Sept 11th 2023 Production Update

2023 Sep 11th

2010-2012 and 2013-2016 ATQ Baffled Oil pans for the 3.8 Genesis CoupeThese are now officially in production and will take about 2 weeks to complete and we'll begin shipping. We're making a few of eac … read more

August 29th 2023 Update

2023 Aug 30th

Package 2 of 4 arrived today with some additional oil pans. 2 more to go until we can send them off to get the baffles done for the BK1 and BK2 ATQ baffled oil pans.Pretty much all of the needed surge … read more
August 25th 2023 Update

August 25th 2023 Update

2023 Aug 25th

14 Genesis Coupe ATQ Rear Shifter Bushings are now complete and have been picked up today. Some Shifter kits have shipped out to customers today and more will be shipped out next Tuesday/Weds of next … read more