1. Can I get a discount?
    No. ATQ already prices all of our products at the lowest value that we can. We do not run 400% mark ups like a lot of our competitors.

  2. Can my company become a vendor for your products?
    Yes, please contact us for details.

  3. Do you offer free shipping?
    Orders over $300 qualify for free shipping, ( Some Items Are Excluded ) Smaller items also qualify at the discretion of ATQ Automotive Products Inc

  4. Does your differential kit for the Genesis Coupe come with your installation tool?
    Unfortunately, no it does not. The tool kit is available for purchase at $460 plus shipping.

  5. Refund Policy on Custom Orders
    Any and all custom orders that are canceled for any reason, are subject to an 80% cancellation fee of the initial purchase price.

  6. Signature On Delivery On Large Orders.
    Our Customers are responsible for requesting Signature on Delivery for larger orders. ATQ holds zero responsibility for lost or stolen shipments. It is the customers responsibility to track their orders via the tracking number provided upon shipment.

  7. What happens if I order the wrong parts for my car?
    You are 100% Liable in this situation. There will be no refunds or exchanges. Please email us, if you are unsure of which product to order with your vehicle build date.

  8. What is ATQ's Return Policy?
    You may return an unused product within 7 business days with a valid reason. However please note that there is a 30% re-stocking fee for any returns and shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Initial shipping charges incurred by ATQ will not be refunded under any circumstances. Used products may not be returned for a refund under any circumstances.

  9. What is the difference between the 2010-12 and 2013-15 ATQ short shifters?
    Absolutely nothing! ATQ has made two shifter options so that it is easier for us to identify which market to gear new products towards, based on sales.

  10. What is your refund policy?
    Any and all orders received after April 2 2015, are subject to a 8.5% - 30% processing fee, if a refund is requested for any reason..The processing fee will be determined by the product ordered. Please contact ATQ via our contact section prior to placing an order if said product is needed immediately, to confirm that ATQ has stock.

  11. What size is the thread on the 2010-2013 OEM shifter for the manual Genesis Coupe?
    10mm x 1.25

  12. What size is the thread on the 2010-2016 ATQ shifter for the manual Genesis Coupe?
    10mm x 1.25

  13. Whats the thread pitch for the automatic Genesis Coupe shift knobs?
    8mm x 1.25

  14. Where can I find used OEM Genesis car parts?
    This website is an inventory of all the auto wreckers in North America.

  15. What does ATQ stand for?
    Addicted To Quality

  16. What do I do if my Powder Coated part has spider cracking under the clear coat?
    Take the part and put it in an oven at 400'F for 20 minutes. This will reactivate the powder and get rid
    of the spider cracks. This can be caused by expansion and contraction of the base material or the parts not being
    fully cured during baking when initially sprayed.