2010-2012 Genesis Coupe Short Shifter

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Made to order

Product Description

The ATQ Short Shifter Designed To Be A Sleak And Smooth Operating Product! Shorter Throws With Improved Accuracy Make This Product A Must Have!

  • OEM Pivot Ball Design
  • OEM Installation
  • 35% Throw Reduction
  • Vastily Improved Shift Feel
  • Vibration Dampening System Built In
  • 10mm x 1.25 Pitch Thread


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    Posted by Chris on 2020 Mar 8th

    Yo, if you are even considering a short shifter, this is the way to go. I was skeptical bc I’ve never had one before and I thought “how much different can it be?” Short answer: a lot.
    It is literally night and day, after the install (which was a pain in the a** bc Im dumb, should take an hour or less with an impact and some tools) I actually thought I screwed something up because of how different it felt and how short the throw was. But after reassembling everything and driving around, I’m 98% sure I didnt screw anything up (Ill update if my driveshaft falls out or something). This one part makes driving my genny a helluva lot more fun and just provides so much more tactile response. I’ve been informed that the bushings are another step up so those will be next, but if youre doing the short shifter, save some time and get the bushings in the same order so you dont have to pull things apart twice. Still, 12/10 this thing is amazing.