2010-2016 Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing Package

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Product Description


The ATQ Differential Bushing Package has been designed to alleviate wheel hop on your Genesis Coupe, as well as help the rear end put power to the wheels and eliminate rear end slop. This product was extensively tested at the race track, drift track and quarter mile to ensure durability and reliability.

  • Black Hard Anodized Reinforcement Plate
  • Grade 10 Yellow Zinc Plated Hardware
  • 4 New Upgraded Bushings
  • Comes With Milwaukee Hole Saw & Arbor
  • Improved Power Response
  • Minimal NVH Differences From OEM
  • Solid Rear End Solution For Power Delivery To The Wheels
  • Available in Red, Dark Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink, and Black Bushings



2010-2016 Genesis Coupe, Manual & Auto, 2.0 & 3.8, Fits All Trims.

Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • 5
    Best Bushing Kit you can buy

    Posted by William Pattison on 2023 Jan 30th

    This differential bushing kit is everything the genesis needed to stiffen up the rear sub frame and really allow the power to be put to the ground. The bushings are all very well made and look great. The stock bushings hyundai put on this car are atrocious. I installed this on a 2011 and the bushing were practically falling apart. The bushings were very easy to install after putting them into a deep freezer for 24 hours and a little grease around the bushing mounts. Feels like a completely different car! Tomi is the man and provides and excellent product. These were 100% worth the wait. You can't rush perfection!

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    ATQ diff bushing kit

    Posted by Dustin Zimmerman on 2022 Dec 31st

    I just installed this kit, would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to relace their bushings . Its a little bit of a difficult install, so if you dont have access to nice tools or a lift. I would suggest getting a shop to do it for you. I did it myself and it was pretty tough and I had it on a lift, but thanks to ATQ's customer service I was able to get it together even though it was late at night. I didn't install it quite correctly at first but thanks to their design I was able to fix it and they worked great. It feels much tighter now not as much slack in the drivetrain.

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    2010-2016 Genesis Coupe Differential Bushing Package

    Posted by David on 2022 Oct 4th

    Just finished installing the differential bushing kit this weekend. Everything in the product description is right on. I'm amazed how much tighter the car feels overall. I totally recommend this kit. Worth every penny. That being said this is not your average home garage install. The kit can be installed without the ATQ bushing tool however if you don't have a while variety of tools to do the job you will be hating life. Be prepared for the unexpected. My pinion seal was leaking and my rear driveshaft coupling was cracked through in three places. If you are up to the task it will be a very satisfying project. If not have a reputable shop install it. Either way you will be amazed the improvement this kit brings.

  • 5
    Differential bushing kit

    Posted by Cody Robertson on 2022 Apr 5th

    10/10 highly recommend. Probably the best mod for the genesis coupe platform. Iv owned both generations of coupes and with this installed it's night and day for how the rear end feels. The brace to reinforce everything is the cherry on top. Definitely something everyone should have

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    Gen Coupe Bushing Kit

    Posted by Steve M on 2021 Sep 15th

    2012 Gen Coupe 3.8 MT6 Track...
    just installed the ATQ diff kit - unbelievable difference in hook-up...very sweet & easy to install...removing the stock bushings with 82k was a bit of a challenge- while waiting for my kit I replaced the stock bushings using the toolkit- the second bushing removal was a walk in the park - ask Tomi - he'll share all the extra hand holding he provided...spend the money on the tool kit, be patient for the delivery of bushing kit - good things come those whom wait...i've also installed the taillight gaskets, sub-frame collars front & rear as well as the shifter kit...every bit of money i've spent with ATQ has been worth it - whether its quality of parts,
    ease of installation & best of all the outcome...can't really stand the wait for my new aluminum skid plate - but as I said above know its worth it...
    i did add a megan racing tranny mount, cf 1 pc driveshaft, new cv joints on chromemoly axle shafts because they'd be next thing to fail...
    understand as well I purchased 2 different aftermarket diff bushing kits -
    one solid aluminum & one made of delron material - never installed &
    it was cheaper to toss than are available if desired - the comparison between products leaves no doubt that the ATQ product
    is far Superior...
    why did I want to have 4 attach points on the pumpkin?
    because I scattered the original LSD doing burnouts on the street...
    i also track the car & can catch 4th gear rubber at close 80mph in HPDE events at Pacific Raceways & The Ridge...
    last - Tomi thanx for putting up with my grief - many business owners
    would tell someone to take a flying leap...
    Keep up the good work...Thanx much

  • 5
    Absolute Necessity!

    Posted by Nash Oliver on 2021 Mar 20th

    ATQ Differential Kit:
    So first and foremost let it be known that there is a high probability the wait time for this item is going to be a long one. Personally, took roughly 5 months but it was DEFINITELY worth the wait.
    As we all know the rear subframe of our coupes have a severe typical Hyundai flaw... Elementary grade welds and negligible structural integrity. Seriously, for those who do not know or have never bothered to look, get under your car and check it out. You are going to be rather flustered knowing how much of a risk you are riding around in, especially if you are a spirited driver. That is where this kit comes in to play by adding the more rigid poly bushings and putting the 4th differential bolt hole to good use.
    As for the strength of the kit, overkill much? Seriously, good luck ever breaking this kit. Side by side industrial steel comparison and having ample commercial construction experience this kit will never break. You will seriously rip your entire subframe out before this kit will give way. Your best bet once you install the kit is to weld all connection points on your subframe that *Hyundai* should have done from the get go. There are cranes on this job site currently that could honestly use this level of support on their subframes.
    Handling improvements are vastly noticeable. Know the feeling you get when already rolling and go to shift and punch the throttle and the back end tends to walk uncontrollably? Yeah, not anymore... Predictability is now a favorable component with spirited driving. If you are tracking the car, this is MANDATORY upgrade. Grip improvements are slight but once this kit is installed, it will be far more noticeable if you are running the wrong kind of tires because your rear is not going to be flexing at all and the responsiveness gained WILL significantly change the way you drive in the corners.
    Installation, pain in the ass solo but doable. If you are slightly knowledgeable and have the proper tools you can do this within a matter of an hour solo. Mind you if you do not have a way to hold/lift the pumpkin, GET HELP. It is rather heavy. This is also a great time to take a look into your driveshaft couplings, axles and replace if needed. Look into buying the ATQ Differential tool kit as well, thank me later if you go ahead and buy it. I did not, but having access to a construction site pulled some strings and had something similar crafted and it worked.
    All in all, for those TRULY driving their cars and are wanting to get the best bang for you buck. GET THIS KIT! Others are cheaper for a reason and if you take pride in what you build don't go the cheap route, spend the extra penny and build it right the first time.

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    Differential bushings kit

    Posted by Corie Parker on 2019 Sep 22nd

    I am very impressed with this kit. My genesis handles like a beast, the stability is highly noticeable. This kit also eliminated all wheel hop. I highly recommend this kit. Whether you want a track car or just a daily. The car handles so much better.