2011-12 Genesis Coupe Short Shifter And Bushing Package

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Product Description

The 2011-12 Genesis Coupe Short Shifter Package Includes

  • 4 Round Shifter Bushings
  • 1 Rear Shifter Bushing
  • 1 Short Shifter



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    Short Shifter + Bushings 3 Month Review

    Posted by Mac on 2024 Mar 19th

    Well fellas, gotta say Tomi knocked it outta the park with this one. The stock shifter + bushings are loose as all hell and the kit from ATQ makes my gen feel like she should have from the factory. Seriously, I can finally shift as quickly and precisely as I've always wanted to without fear of missing a gear. If you haven't yet, this is a must have.

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    Shifter Kit

    Posted by Chris B on 2022 Jun 6th

    I installed the short shifter and bushings and have been running them for about 5 months now. I gotta say it makes a world of difference and it feels amazing. It feels tight and notchy and how the Genesis coupe should have felt from the factory. The install was easy and went smooth and had no problems with any fitment with the parts. Highly recommend this kit for anyone looking to get a better feel out of their ride wether it’s daily driving or tracking their car.

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    Worth the wait and every penny

    Posted by Joel on 2021 Dec 2nd

    After finally receiving my short shifter and bushing kit I couldn’t be happier. Tomi was super helpful the entire time and I would recommend everyone with a genesis to hit him up. The quality is somethin you can really feel. Thanks again guys