2015-2020 Ford F150 Leaf Spring Outer Isolator Bushings

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Product Description

Premature failure of the nylon OEM outer spring isolator pads are an unfortunately common issue with the 2015-2020 Ford F-150 series trucks, often causing annoying rear end clunks. But a one-and-done solution is here:

ATQ has developed a direct fit replacement set of the outer leaf spring isolator pads, made of a proprietary polyurethane composite material to replace the inadequate nylon OEM outer spring isolator pads. Torture tested to ensure durability and longevity, with a 124,000 mile / 200,000km warranty to back them up.


  • This kit includes a set of 4 outer isolator pads.
  • This product is a direct replacement for the OEM 2015-2020 Ford F-150 outer leaf spring isolator pads.
  • 2 Tubes of Prothane Super Grease is included with each order *when available

** Installation Tip **

Each tube of Prothane Super Grease covers the face of two isolator pads. Cut open the tube prior to installation and use half of each tube on the face of each pad. Once evenly coated, install the pads. Application of the provided grease is required for problem free usage, and warranty is voided if the grease is improperly applied, or not applied at all.

Replaces OEM Part Number : FL3Z-5586-B and FL3Z-5586-A

Warranty Information

Limited 124,000 Miles or 200,000km


  • 5
    Great quality parts

    Posted by Aaron Ramey on 2023 Nov 16th

    Way better than stock parts! Definitely recommend these to every f150 owner. Makes a huge difference in ride quality in the rear

  • 5
    isolator pads

    Posted by Chris on 2023 Oct 23rd

    I had the clunking noise thought it was the rear axle always showed up on uneven pavement , backing out my driveway and making a turn, checked everything put these pads on the clunking is gone I will see how long they last, time will tell but I am happy I found these and finally found out were the clunking noise was coming from. 2015 F150 4*4

  • 5
    Great product that seems to be better than OEM

    Posted by Matt W. on 2023 Sep 19th

    I had a clunk in my rear end on my 2018 f-150 and I simply swapped out my old leaf spring pads for these ones and it went away. I really like the grease tubes this came with because it’s super thick but it doesn’t wash easy (which is a good thing for rain/snow). I would suggest having a decent pry bar set for install but a couple of big screw drivers would work just fine. It took me about 30 minutes to install after watching the installation video. I have a few buddies who have had the same issue on their f-150s and I will tell them to not buy any from the OEM dealer or some parts store, these ones are much better quality!

  • 5
    Leaf Spring Iso Pads

    Posted by Alan on 2023 Sep 3rd

    Pads are as advertised. A little harder to install than it seems on UTube but once you figure out the 1st one, the other 3 went quickly. The best thing is they stopped the clunking noise. Highly recommend the parts. Change the old ones for these once and you’re done forever.

  • 5
    Isolator pads

    Posted by Jordan on 2023 Aug 18th

    No more noises coming from the rear end !

  • 5
    Remedied Spring Clunking

    Posted by Max on 2023 Aug 10th

    Installed these the day I got them and they immediately fixed my clunking I had coming from the rear end. I only had 38k miles on my F150 and the original isolators were shot. These seem much better and I like how they came with grease. We will see how they withstand time, but for now, I’m super happy.

  • 5
    Isolator pad

    Posted by Chris on 2023 Aug 8th

    Product came quicker than quoted. Install was 30 min total. Rear end of my truck is silent now. Very happy with my purchase.

  • 5
    Spring isolators

    Posted by Kevin Graham on 2023 Aug 4th

    Worked perfect, no more noise

  • 5
    works like a charm

    Posted by doug on 2023 Jun 23rd

    maybe you could work for ford they seem to hire there engineers off ebay... great product fixed that clunk driving me crazy the last year.

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