2019-2023 Genesis G70 Differential Bushing Kit

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The 2019-2023 Genesis G70 Differential Bushing Kits Are A Great Upgrade To The Soft Factory Bushing On The Sedan. This Product Allows The Rear End To Push Straighter Under Heavy Acceleration, Better Cornering, And It Allieviates Wheel Hop.

  • 4 Proprietary 75A Urethane Bushings
  • Direct OEM Replacement
  • Available In Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Black Colored Bushings.

Warranty Information

Limited 2 year warranty


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    ATQ ATQ subframe collars & Rear polyurethane differential bushing kit

    Posted by Nathaniel Carmin on 2022 Jul 4th

    I have the ATQ subframe collars & Rear polyurethane differential bushing kit installed for 10k miles, and I have no complaints. Keep in mind I also have other suspension mods since I do take my vehicle to the race track in the summer.

    My other mods are Megan Racing MRC Control Arms, SuperPro Suspension Sway Bars & Adjustable Sway bar end links, NGT Forged 20MM Spacers, Delrin Trans Mount reinforcement bushings, Ark Performance GT-S Lowering Springs. So there is a considerable difference between my vehicles drivetrain with my entire setup

    I also live in the Northeast, so there are a lot of potholes and crappy roads compared to some living elsewhere.

    The first noticeable change is I can feel the LSD engage now. With the OEM stock rubber bushing, I can feel quite a bit of slop; some secondary motions were happening at the rear end at times during some extreme hard drives.

    During launches, I can feel some slop and potential wheel hop at times. However, with these bushing installed, a full launch is entirely controllable, with zero movements with the rear diff and subframe. The car is a lot more predictable and easier to correct mistakes.

    The power and torque transfer to the axle and wheels are much more immediate when going half or full throttle. The OEM rubber bushing was definitely absorbing that punch and felt dull at times; everything is a lot tighter currently.

    With the subframe collars, the responsiveness is much more noticeable in the front end. Feeling razor-sharp with the entire front and rear, feeling as ONE now, come pair to stock; the car is on rails now.

    The NVH added to the car is minimal; the only added NVH is probably hearing the rear differential more; however, my vehicle is equipped with an LSD and other suspension mods installed. Daily commuting and highway cruise are all perfectly normal for these bushings; no added vibrations as well. Nevertheless, the car is still quite as stock; and maybe you could hear the rear differential wine depending if you are sensitive to sounds and really searching for a sound.

    Altogether the car is excellent. Everything is a lot sharper and button-down. Zero secondary movements when really pushing the car to its limit. A lot predictable and easier to control; sharper during many turns and lane switch transitions. More responsiveness when giving it throttle; overall, the vehicle communicates much more and should have come like this from the factory.